Food is the basic necessity of life. It should be pure, nutritious and free from any type of adulteration for proper maintenance of human health.

One works hard and earns to satisfy one’s hunger. But at the end of the day, we are not sure of what we are eating. Adulteration is done by antisocial persons who want to make easy money. We might be eating a dangerous dye, sawdust, industrial starch or other contaminated foods which are a major source of diseases. And thus, we invite diseases rather than good health. Food adulteration is basically lowering the quality of food for sale either by the admixture or by the substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable nutritious ingredient.

Food adulteration is a serious crime which is punishable under the law. Consumption of adulterated food can cause serious disorders such as Diarrhea, Asthma, Ulcers, Food Poisoning, Cancer and may even result in death.

The Bureau of Indian standards inspects the various food products manufactured. If the products have the standard quality needed, the certificate in issued. The various certificates of reliability are the F.P.O (Food Products Order) mark, the I.S.I. (Indian Standard Institution) mark and the AGMARK (Agriculture Marketing).

It is hardly a food product being sold in the market which is not adulterated. Take, for instance, spices, turmeric, dried ginger, sugar, edible oils like mustard oil, ghee, milk etc. Even the food grains and pulses ore adulterated with substandard varieties and, at times, even small pieces of stones.

There is hardly any item in the Indian market, which is not adulterated. Research has shown that even fruits, vegetables and cereals, sold in the market, are said to contain high levels of toxic metals like lead, nickel, cadmium, and chromium. Adulteration spares nothing when a spirit of becoming quickly rich, over-rules the moral ground. Even the simple water is not spared. Under the well known brand name-mineral water is reused filling with tube well water and is sold to weary thirsty train passengers.

Adulteration is a fatal crime against society. We have a law against adulteration but like other social laws, it is rarely enforced. The responsible officers and politicians do not take any action against social fatal evil until it takes the form of a big tragedy and becomes the heading of News papers, same is the case with Adulteration. In short, government wakes up only when Adulteration results in fatal tragedy. “We have no business to make laws when we have no intention to enforce them”.

We Consumer Rights Organisation (CRO) is started a Revolutionary Campaign pan India basis in the year of 2014 Against the Adulteration and successfully conducted 324 Awareness programs in various Schools & Colleges, 73 Public Rallies, 34 Banner Campaign and through Social media in 12 states with the valuable support of BIS department, FSSAI Officials, Medical Officers, Officials from Legal Metrology department and the local Doctors.

Hence, it is the question of everybody’s health, and broadly speaking, it is the question of nation’s health. If the people are to be saved from the clutches of the adulterators so that they can lead a healthy, disease-free life, strict steps should be taken against the recalcitrant. There should not only be heavy fines but also long rigorous imprisonments for the adulterators. Needless to say, adulteration should be treated like any other serious crime and the perpetrators should not be let off just for political or any other considerations.

We Consumer Rights Organisation (CRO) and all our members are bound to fight against the Adulteration until the government opens his eyes to prevent the Adulteration to save the Consumers life.