Consumer Rights Organisation (CRO) with National Integration

National Integration is the feeling of togetherness or oneness towards one’s own country irrespective of their individual differences with regard to religion, region, race, culture or caste.

India is a multi-racial and multilingual country. These diversities are the feature of India. But the culture of India makes her people feel that they are the children of mother India. Our country is an excellent example of Unity in Diversity‘. Foreign invasions and conquests from time to time could not crush the spirit of unity of culture.

There is a need to preserve the national integrity of our country. The feeling of oneness among the entire citizen is important for the overall stability and growth of our country.

In this regard we Consumer Rights Organisation (CRO) started a movement to support the National Integrity & Consumer Responsibilities pan India basis. We are using same flag in every part of India, the flag was made in Vizag Andhra Pradesh, in 17 days, 29 people involved to made this 1008 feet triclolor flag, We have started this movement from the city of destiny Visakhapatnam – Andhra Pradesh (680 participants, 2.8 km) with thousands of citizens taking up the mantle of rekindling the spirit of unity and integrity and taking out a rally with 1008 feet tricolor flag, Each and every citizen carried the tricolor on their shoulder with oneness and pride in their heart. The Consumer Rights Organisation (CRO) has taken upon themselves to spread the awareness of unity in diversity by organizing the similar type of rallies in Noida – Uttar Pradesh (820 participants, 3 km)  Chennai – Tamilnadu (530 participants, 1.4 km)  Vadodara – Gujarat (1800 participants, 4.3 km) and this will be taken to each and every individual of the country, no matter we belongs to different states, community, religion or creed but the end of the day we belong to one nation and we all are proud Indians.

The CRO is having clear plan to conduct same activity in every state of India and we are on the way.

If we begin to embrace the idea of unity in diversity right now,

the world will be a better place..