We are in a country where consumers are taken for a ride as they are not aware of their basic consumer rights. Every consumer has a right to choose and right to demand but unfortunately consumers are being looted by business mafia by spreading rumors about the legitimate bill and taxes because of that many consumers refrain from taking a bill thinking that they have to pay more money unnecessarily.

A country benefits from the citizens who pay their taxes. In this the consumers and the business fraternity play a vital role as when the buyer and seller who responsibly provide and receive receipts for what has been sold and this becomes a source of income for the development of the country.

Unfortunately in our country we have businesses running where in people for their own personal benefit do not provide any type of receipt to the buyer. And in India we find small businesses flourishing by hoodwinking the consumers and the government by finding ways to escape paying taxes and one such way is not giving receipt, the consumers as well contribute to this apathy by foregoing the bill assuming that they have been given some sort of a discount.

In order to spread awareness The Consumer Rights Organisation started a revolutionary Campaign pan India basis known as “Bill Leke Dekho” in the year 2013, Where in the organisation members throughout the country conducted 168 Awareness Programs, 1072 Signature Campaigns, 126 Seminars & 93 Public meetings in 18 states to educate consumer that their rights as a consumer starts when they receive a bill for whatever item is purchased, And this will protect and safeguard them from unethical business practices.

The Consumer Rights Organisation in the endeavor to educate consumers informed about the benefits of taking a receipt as it gives the consumer a Lawful Right in case of Redressal, protects consumer from any unwarranted issues like Damaged goods, unfulfilled services etc. The consumers were also made aware that by taking a bill they would contribute to the development of the infrastructure and defense capabilities of a country. It also prevents money laundering and terrorist activities.

We Consumer Rights Organisation will continue this campaign until each and every consumer of our country gets the respect he commands and we as an organisation will continue to strive for each and every consumer rights in this country.