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    • 8 points of consumer protection act every consumer must know
      1.It is an unbrella legislation covering all goods and services but it does not include transactions which does not include consumers.  As such you should fit in the definition of consumer provided by the act.
      2.Definiton of consumer - A consumer is any person who buys any good or avail any service for personal use but not for resale purpose or any other commercial purpose. 3.The act provides for simple,timely, and inexpensive redressal to consumers.But in reality the process in consumer forum today has become complicated,unfriendly,time consuming and as such call for amendments in consumer protection act to fit the needs of consumers in modern era. 4.The act provide for 6 rights namely :- a) Right to safety b) Right to be  informed c) Right to choose d) Right to seek redressal e) Right to be heard f) Right to consumer education 5. A consumer can seek redressal against any manufacturer of any good or any service provider as long as good purchased or services availed were for use and not for any commercial purpose or resale. 6. The act provides for setting up a 3 tier consumer redressal machinery at the national,state and district level so as to provide comprehensive protection to the consumers. National commission State commission and District forum 7. The act also provides for setting up of consumer protection counsils  at the central,state and district level.These bodies are advisory in nature to promote and protect the rights of consumers. 8. The provisions of the act are not only compensatory in nature but also punitive and preventive in character.
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    • Online complaint in consumer forum
      you can also file your complaint online. you have to need to visit on consumer court site http://consumerhelpline.gov.in an signup after that you register your complaint online and you also check your complaint status. NOTE:- During registration they send one verification link on your registered e-mail id so firstly you have to need to verify you account after that you able to access your consumer forum account as well as register your complaint. After verify you will be open your account. Grievance registration form page will be show on your screen you fill all details regarding your complaint.one more thing you also register your query regarding any issue. only you need to in complaint type select query option and if you have any document regarding your complaint and issue so attached with your complaint form. that help you get quick solution regarding your complaint or issue as well as helpful for consumer forum for resolving your issue or problem.
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    • 4 years, 8 months ago